Parasite Training Module

These training modules are aimed to provide an insight into systematic approach for the maintaining good laboratory practice in parasite laboratory and in vitro cultivation of globally importance parasites (Malaria and Filaria parasites), and screening of effective drug for their management etc. The participants will be provided with hands on experience for preparing Culture media, and its filtration techniques, maintaining the parasites in in vitro condition and learning the methods of antimalarial and antifilarial drug developments.

Modules will cover the theory behind the equipment and aseptic techniques necessary for maintaining parasite culture, and students will have the opportunity to put that theory into practice in a lab setting. Experts will be available for participants to consult and help them evaluate their samples (subject to approval).

Training Program Modules

Maintaining Sterility in Parasite Laboratory

General instruction of Good Laboratory practices, Fumigation of culture laboratory, sterility technique of CO2 incubator, cleaning of Biosafety cabinet.


Preparation of Culture media and Filtration techniques

General instruction of media composition, basic of filtration unit and there uses, and filtration of culture media in Biosafety cabinet


In vitro Culture and Maintenance of parasites

General methods of parasite revival, sub culture techniques of parasites, splitting and cryopreservation of parasites.


In vitro screening of antiparasitic drug agents

General instruction to drug dilution techniques, screening of antimalarial and antifilarial drug candidate by different approaches and data interpretation for IC50 calculation.


In vitro toxicity screening of antiparasitic drug agents

Culture technique of normal and macrophage cell lines, cell seeding, CC50 and SI index calculation.


Gene expression analysis of marker gene

General methods of RNA isolation, CDNA synthesis, gene expression study.


Western blot analysis

Western blot analysis of target proteins, protein isolation, expression study.

Evaluation of trainees and certification

Evaluation of the training will be done and certificate will be issued to the successful candidates for the course..