Plant Tissue Culture Training Module

Plant tissue culture techniques is used for the propagating and conserving rare and endangered plants.The production of high quality and uniform planting material that can be multiplied on a year-round basis under disease free conditions anywhere irrespective of the season and weather. Plant tissue culture refers to growing and multification of cells,tissues and organs on the solid and liquid media under aseptic and controlled environment.Plant tissue culture technology is being widely used for large- scale plant multiplication.This training module is intended for beginners to teach and train them in plant tissue culture and the equipment involved.

It will be supported by theoretical and hands on practical classes, which will include the principle of the equipment’s and aseptic techniques essential for maintaining plant tissue culture. The participants will also be able to do the techniques of plant tissue culture.(with prior approval).

Basic Techniques:

• Introduction to Good Laboratory Practices
• Laboratory setup for Plant tissue culture lab
• Stock Preparation
• Media Preparation
• Selection of explants and sterilization
• Inoculation
• Incubation
• Multiplication and Rooting
• Harderning

Training Program Modules

Introduction to basics of Plant tissue culture. Basics of Calculations; Good lab practices and aseptic techniques. Setup Plant tissue culture laboratory, Uses of Instruments, and sterilization of culture and inoculation room.


Media and Stock Preparation & Sterilization. Different concentration Plant growth regulators, Sterilization techniques.


Selection of explants( seeds, node, internode, leafs and rhizomes), sterilization of explants and Inoculation of explants on specific culture media.


Incubation of explants at culture room with specific temperature and photo periods and humidity with sterile and asceptic condition.


Selection of specific plant growth regulator for formation of multiple shoots,inoculation of shoot on shooting media and Rooting media.


Preparation of soil( vermicompost+ soil+ cocopit), transfer of plantlet to for primary hardening with specific temperature and humidity.


Transfer to Net house or field condition for secondary hardening.

Evaluation of trainees and certification

Evaluation of the training will be done and certificate will be issued to the successful candidates for the course..